Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mark Laliberte, Unit 304

Okay, here's a long one........

My studio at 48 Abell is the perfect space for the kind of work that I make, and the kind of life that I live. My day job is at 'Descant' magazine, where I go to a nice office just east of Chinatown. But at night and on free days, I spend all my time in my live/work studio. Here, I design an art/lit scene magazine called 'Carousel'... we pour all our limited budget into lush production, so we can't afford an office; my studio is the unofficial "office" and workshop for this mag!


...I also work on artwork on a project-by-project basis. I'm a restless creator, so I jump around a lot in terms of scale, medium, discipline, and approach. So: I've got a lot of stuff, supplies, reference materials scattered all about, and the BIG open space and HIGH ceilings are essential.

Yesterday, I had some work open in the 'G(ift) HUNTING' exhibition just a few blocks away at G+ Galleries (50 Gladstone Ave, one block north of the Gladstone Hotel). I'll attach an image of the work in the space; here's the blurb for the show: over 50 national and international artists will be offering unique artworks at awesome prices, ready to be the targets of your holiday gift-hunting expedition. All artworks in this exhibit are economically priced under $345, before taxes / Dates: 11/29/2006 – 12/10/2006 / Gallery Hours: 1-6pm (Tue to Sat)


A few weeks ago, I went to Windsor, ON to participate in a residency/ exhibition with 4 other artists. Most of the work that ended up in the gallery was created in a three day period out of primarily found materials (we spent a day rummaging through abandoned spaces in Detroit and found all kinds of cool stuff), though we did go in with a few key things just to make sure we had it covered. All the participants in this show share a real interest in the following: hybrid texts, various forms of collage gesture, an odd fascination with aging paper & popnoir scavenging... and a history deeply rooted in zine culture. The work wasn't created in my studio this time, but it's sure to end up stored here!

hope you have a moment to take a peek:


We'll go one more:

For the 'Nuit Blanche' project that just happened in Toronto this fall (the evening of September 30, 2006, to be exact) I cut the final versions of a few video projection works that played out larger-than-life above the pool at Harcourt House, University of Toronto. It was a very small part of the art collaborative team Fastwurms' large-scale 'Dark Pool' event.

The videos were completed in my studio on a very mid-level computer system. It was the first time I showed this work publicly, which you can read more about here...

------------------- that's a taste of what I'm up to I'm up to these days behind the doors of Suite 304 in our cool warehouse space tucked just behind Woolfit's Art Supplies (of course, I live with my partner Chantale Michaud, who does her own thing: maybe I can convince her to post about what she accomplishes in our space real soon....)


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